Webiste FlyDubai berubah hitam-abu-abu.
Webiste FlyDubai berubah hitam-abu-abu.

AVIATREN.com – Logo maskapai FlyDubai di website resmi penanganan kecelakaannya berganti menjadi warna abu-abu dan hitam, menyusul kecelakaan yang dialami salah satu pesawatnya di Rostov, Rusia, Sabtu (19/3/2016) dini hari waktu setempat.

Penggantian warna tersebut untuk menunjukkan rasa duka dan simpati terhadap korban dan keluarga yang terdampak oleh kecelakaan Boeng 737-800 penerbangan FZ981.

BACA: FlyDubai FZ981 Jatuh di Rusia, Seluruh Penumpang dan Kru Tewas

Melalui situs resminya juga, FlyDubai mengonfirmasi kecelakaan FZ981 dan seluruh 55 penumpang dan 7 krunya tewas.

Berikut kutipan pernyataan FlyDubai dari situs resminya:

flydubai regrets to confirm that flight FZ981 crashed on landing and that fatalities have been confirmed as a result of this tragic accident. The aircraft departed from Dubai International (DXB) at 18:20 GMT bound for Rostov on Don (ROV). The accident occurred in Rostov on Don at approximately 00:50 GMT.
We are doing all we can to gather information as quickly as possible. At this moment our thoughts and prayers are with our passengers and our crew who were on board the aircraft. We will do everything we can to help those who have been affected by this accident.
We are putting our emergency response in place and we will be working closely with all the authorities involved. We will share as much information as possible just as soon as we can and we will provide updated information on a regular basis.
For any concerned friends or family: + 44203 4508 853 or +9714 293 4100.
For media enquiries: +1407 205 1813
For media enquiries (Arabic Only): +971 52 517 4642